Ball Talk

Check out guest host DJ Superman and DJ Chill on with Fuego, to discuss sports, music, and bull ish. Make sure to tune in to for all the latest music from indie artists and more.

Mild and That Yack

This week Fuego introduces a new addition to the show. DJ Chill joins the crew now to bring the show to bring a unique style of music mixing to show. Also Big Ques is on this week to discuss everything from Sports to why people smell like old bus seats. Press Play and Enjoy!!!

Organized Chaos

The guys are back again for another episode of WTF. This week, there is definitely some organized chaos going on. Fuego and Big Ques go in on Michael Rappaport, Stinky People, and Kyrie Irving. Also the crew get into a discussion about what freestyling really is in Hip Hop. Also we have music from music artists, Tee Whales, Mr. Pacman, Icarus Gray, Phlow, and Karlis Musik.

Get Out

Award winning Director/Producer Stephon J. Davis joins the crew to discuss his latest two films “The Sit In and Derangement”. The crew also discusses the movie “GET OUT” and much more.

Diva Fights

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! We start off the New Year with Diva Fights!!! Chris Brown vs. Souja Boy’s bloody death match which is very funny to everyone. The crew also discuss the epic HAIL MARY PASS by Aaron Rodgers and also Fuego asks the question of “What does Underground Music really mean? Click play and enjoy the show.

Da Tribe

This week Fuego is joined by well known pro athlete and coach of PG Valor Charles “Chuck” Pickard. They discuss first pro basketball team in Prince George County Maryland. Also Fuego talks the new Tribe Called Quest album and much more!!!

Nemesis Live

NEMISIS IS BACK!!!!!!!! This week Nemsis and Profitt trade places in the war zone. Fuego and Nemsis discuss all topics including Trump Kim and Kanyes great heist and they answer the question of “how are our Vets really treated in this society. Also this week right after the TIP of My Fuego we have a new DJ edition to the show so listen to DJ Chill throw down on the turn tables.