2014-12-05: Interstellar

Were spoiling you with two episodes this year… don’t get used to it. Bash and Matthew, who return after 6 years, join us on the show and we talk about the Xbox One feud, all the movies coming out in 2015 and decide which cheeses would best represent basketball legends. All surrounding a marathon hour and a half long segment about Interstellar. IT’S AWESOME. See you next year.

2013-05-07: Colby Got Fired

Two shows in one year? No it’s not the end of the world. Probably. Well, if it is, we don’t have anything to do with it. We do however have tons of updates. Colby got fired, he hates college, and we have a special Guido guest – Antonio. We jump deep into the standards too – a complete review and discussion of Iron Man 3, Colby’s mom, and how awesome Manhattan is. We also give Antonio his chance to shine as Seth and Colby take a back seat and guest star on the Antonio Show.

2013-02-19: Anna Kendrick

A tribute to a fallen soldier gets us started and then we talk about broken hearts on Valentine’s day, and catch up on our lives and all the things in the world. The pope retires and Colby is obviously upset, but not nearly as upset as he is at old people. Stop calling him. We also talk about why people like Ellen Page more than Anna Kendrick. Anna Kendrick is hot as balls. We put Matthew on the air for the first time in 4 years and he’s a worthless person, and we put Antonio on the air for the first time ever and he redeems humanity. Plus we have a major announcement and we love you!

2012-09-15: We Love Bane

Seth and Colby are back and better than ever; bringing you the things you love at a faster pace and with more funnies-per-minute that a funnies-per-minute machine. We start off with Colby’s crazy ramblings about trash and then fully dismantle Bane’s ability to properly build a bomb. Plus what’s up with that football stadium anyway? And why is Gotham New York City? Seth calls Christopher Nolan to find out! We also hear about Colby’s plans for world domination and the boy’s plan to scam people to get rich quick. Shortly after they go invisible and discuss their hatred of Jack Black and most movies that came out during their year-long break. Then right before the show wraps, a special guest shows up. You don’t want to miss this!!

2011-08-04: Construction

It’s a surprise episode of Seth and Colby! Colby barely made it to the Manhattan studios due to all the construction on the highway – if only it was limited to that instead of it being all over Wichita. Once he arrived the boys talked about how they want to be buried, the infamous honey badger, crazy drunk people, and basketball. Of course it wouldn’t be a full show with out a phone call from Colby’s mom and a discussion about movies. Just plain ‘ol Seth and Colby goodness.

2010-12-31: Inception

Because they are contractually obligated to do at least one show a year, Seth and Colby show up just in time to not get fired. It was such a shock that they had to do a show, however, that they still had to eat breakfast and the oatmeal and almost killed them, Colby dropped his microphone in pancakes – and this is all before they even start the show! Prepare yourself for talk about Inception, music, IMAX, their top movies and music of the year, stupid trends that are coming back and so much more. The show lasts 4 hours, but the laughs never end! Purchase the premium version and get the exclusive pre-show that you can’t get on the free version!

2009-01-10: Shlarty

Seth and Colby spend a great deal of time in this episode talking about their lives and interests. It may sound boring, but it’s not. You know you love it. Seth talks all about his friends and how most of them suck and Colby talks about school and how he classifies his friends. Plus Slarty makes his first appearance and they boys talk about their Valentine’s Day party.

2009-01-03: Best of 2008

It’s the first episode of Seth and Colby and it’s all about 2008! We give you our choices for the best music, movies, comedians, TV shows and more of 2008 as well as tell you about our holidays. Check the show log for more detail! sethandcolby.com