S04E02 Not My Batman

The Private Party is back with returning guests Sly and Platano after almost a whole year since they were last on the podcast. We catch up with them where they talk about their trip to California. I ask them if they would rather have a dancer in their subway cart or a singer/musician. We take a look at the new Mario 3-D collection coming out soon. Sly and Platano talk about their experience with Breath of the Wild and the changes they would like to see in the sequel. We’re split on our opinions about Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne. A quick Sonic the Hedgehog review. We all share our ideas about our future stream ideas. Seeing old Johnny Knoxville makes us feel old.

S04E01 Prince Takes Over

The Private Party has finally returned back into your lives for 2020. Jason and I are here for our brand new season’s first episode. I give a quick summary of all my new life changes since our last episode in 2019. We address the elephant in the room with how our lives changed with Corona virus. I introduce my new “Stat Boy” Prince. Can you make a modern version of the movie Road Trip? Your bank punishes you when you cheat on them with other ATMs? I totally forgot my birthday passed earlier in the year. VR Sports Events vs VR Music Concerts. Remembering young Dane Cook. We talk about some of our favorite wrestlers in AEW, a new wrestling company. We talk about what we miss the most from everything being closed. Jason and I reminisce about high school days. Jason eats cold Chef Boyardee. I found out NY had scooters/mopeds as soon as it was shut down. Prince wants to talk on the podcast. I explain my computer parts to Jason.

S03E05 We Met On The Internet

The Private Party is back this week with two new first time guests. I am joined by two twitch streamers PlatanoSunshine and Slyvision. We share out hate/love relationship with streaming. Bonding over The Office. Cannibals probably don’t eat probably every single day. Spider-man is back in the MCU! We bring up anime clichés we see in our favorite shows. Aliens are trading their technology for our cattle. We watch the new El Camino trailer for the Breaking Bad movie. Platano and Sly share their first smoke stories. Platano and I take way too long showers.

S03E04 Nobody Wants A Wet Book

The Private Party comes back with Mike and I again. We learn about another new streaming services trying to get into our wallets, NBC’s Peacock. Saved by the Bell was a good cheesy show. Aaron Spelling the King of American TV Drama. I give my story about my bad poker night. I want the Private Party to have a Halloween episode in costume. M&M’s had a vote in the 90s for a their new color. Mike is worried about his teams playoff chances. NXT debuts on USA. I name the people I see on the train everyday as my train buddies. Mike tells me to open my dream café here by home. My customers will get scared by the bible thumpers and bums outside. “I’ll wet your bibles. Clack clack clack.”

S03E03 Writers, Rappers and ‘Rithmetic

The Private Party is back with Mike and I as we come back from our previous celebration to a more close and personal episode. Dave Chapelle’s new special is getting noticed for good and bad reasons. Mike shares a school secret that he’s never told to even his family. We discuss who our favorite comic book writers are currently. A new female edition to TMNT comics. Lil Wayne was better on lean. Which one was Kid and which one was Play? Mike still likes Tekashi 69. The dreaded Parent-Teacher night. Watching movies in class.

S03E02 Happy Birthiversary

The Private Party is celebrating its birthday/anniversary! Jason, Mike and I are here for our big celebration. Mike is trying to lead his kids on the straight and narrow life. Young parents in our lives. Current Batman comic spoilers! David and Jasmin in chat help us recall a time he spoiled her baby shower to her. Mikes believes Bad Boys 1 is better than Bad Boys 2. What watch clips of Michael Bay reusing old scenes in new movies. We go over our typical high school lunches from back in the day. Medical care in the 1700/1800’s must have been brutal. Jason shares with us the random movie Miss March. We all share times where we cried for movies.

S03E01 A New Start

The Private Party is back for Season 3! We debut our new music, layout, and merch. I want to do a Sacrifice September. Mike didn’t think Thanksgiving happen. Barber Loyalty. Jason tries to make us remember Snoop Dogg’s Bones. Mike tells the story of his sketchy Craigslist purchase. We find out we are close to the podcast’s one year anniversary. Late Night Informercials. All of our celebrity encounters. Mike and I have different ideas of what is a “cup”. We want Taco Bell to see the Dorito taco shells in stores.

S02E19 Power Outage

(Disclaimer: Due to the stream losing power mid stream, this episode is split in two) The Private Party has arrived to the finale of season 2. We all had alligator related toys when we were kids. Tennis or Golf? Mike explains his emotions during the soccer season. Michael Jackson was replaced by an alien. Sammy Sosa is a white man now! Jason was at work when midtown lost power. How long has it been since you bought a graphic tee? Eon Flux is going to help me turn my life fully digital. I try to explain my investments (badly) to the rest of the guys. Jason saw some wild things when the city had its heatwave. Mike gives his quick Lion King review. I try to convince Mike for us to go to the gym again. I need to get a Coco-Cherry from the lady on the block before the summer is over.

S02E18 Vacations for All

The Private Party has returned and Mike has returned from his trip to Puerto Rico. We plan our outting to see Spider-man: Far From Home. I explain a time when a spoiler ruined the movie experience. Jason had a nostalgia trip watching old wrestling promos. Vince McMahon’s XFL is starting in less than a year. The Walking Dead comic has come to an end after 16 years. How many successful tv spin-offs are there? Having a treehouse was the ultimate status symbol for a kid. We’re going to bring back a new and improved Chuck E’ Cheese. Mike buys a tamagotchi for his daughter. Everybody collected the Spice Girl stickers in the 90s. The new Mulan and Little Mermaid are coming out next. Special appearance from Stripes.

S02E17 The Never Happening Tattoo Sleeve

The Private Party is back with Mike, Jason and I with another new video layout. I’m not a fan of DJ Khalid. Firearms in wrestling. I bring up the fact that I pay for medical insurance but I rarely use it. Setting goals to stop calling out from work for the rest of the year. Do you pour your cereal or your milk first into the bowl? Good socks get tossed because they are paired with a bad sock. Are designer wife-beaters worth it? Mike’s wife has officially taken over the PS4 away from him. Discussing tattoo ideas for the far future. SpongeBob ruined Nickeledoen cartoons. We figure out the races of the characters in Doug. Pancakes vs Waffles vs French Toast. How do you eat your Oreos?