S04E01 Prince Takes Over

The Private Party has finally returned back into your lives for 2020. Jason and I are here for our brand new season’s first episode. I give a quick summary of all my new life changes since our last episode in 2019. We address the elephant in the room with how our lives changed with Corona virus. I introduce my new “Stat Boy” Prince. Can you make a modern version of the movie Road Trip? Your bank punishes you when you cheat on them with other ATMs? I totally forgot my birthday passed earlier in the year. VR Sports Events vs VR Music Concerts. Remembering young Dane Cook. We talk about some of our favorite wrestlers in AEW, a new wrestling company. We talk about what we miss the most from everything being closed. Jason and I reminisce about high school days. Jason eats cold Chef Boyardee. I found out NY had scooters/mopeds as soon as it was shut down. Prince wants to talk on the podcast. I explain my computer parts to Jason.

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