S02E19 Power Outage

(Disclaimer: Due to the stream losing power mid stream, this episode is split in two) The Private Party has arrived to the finale of season 2. We all had alligator related toys when we were kids. Tennis or Golf? Mike explains his emotions during the soccer season. Michael Jackson was replaced by an alien. Sammy Sosa is a white man now! Jason was at work when midtown lost power. How long has it been since you bought a graphic tee? Eon Flux is going to help me turn my life fully digital. I try to explain my investments (badly) to the rest of the guys. Jason saw some wild things when the city had its heatwave. Mike gives his quick Lion King review. I try to convince Mike for us to go to the gym again. I need to get a Coco-Cherry from the lady on the block before the summer is over.

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