S02E14 A Family Affair

This Private Party is joined together with newcomer and family member Jimmy, with the returning Carlos and Mike rounding out the cast. We discuss if it would be worth it living in a virtual world ala Ready Player One. I saw an interesting business transaction on the train involving shampoo bottles. 4x White Tees need to make a comeback in NY. Jimmy thinks Denzel is a bad actor. Disney has released its next 9 years of movies, including an Avatar 5. Jimmy is an international traveler and shares his travel stories. Jimmy lets us know about a man who recorded himself having sex on top of the pyramids. Which seat do you prefer on an airplane? We revisit the R. Kelly documentary. Carlos and I are the kings of starting hobbies and abandoing them early. Everybody wants KD to come to the Knicks. The Icy/Piragua lady on the block is our groundhog, they let us know when summer is coming. Jimmy has never had a burger from McDonalds. But even when he travels around the world he knows going to Mcdonalds will feel like home.

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