S02E12 A Bronx Breakfast

The Private Party this episode with Jason, Mike, Carlos and myself after some live technicial difficulties where we debate if pink vs red Starbursts.are number one? What kind of milk and juices did they serve you in school? Which chocolate powders/syrups are the “correct” ones to use for chocolate milk? We all eat too much cereal. Did you get your Bronx Breakfast this morning, a coffee and a loosie? Once Jason hits 30, we all need to start going to the doctor for our prostate exams. Carlos the only one down with feet. New Vice Land series for behind the scenes of wrestling in the 70s/80s. The whole group feels young still these days. Mike doesn’t want anyone to FaceTime him, ever! Game systems used to come with ALL of the peripherals as a bundle. When we quit and then restarted watching wrestling. Where does Vince find these guys? I have hairy arms and hands like a monkey. My brother was watching an old episode instead of watching the current live episode. We learn that Canadians call Mushrooms “Zoomers”.

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