S02E10 Cancel Netflix

Todays Private Party we have 4 live mics with myself, Jason, Mike and David here.. Big Brother is watching us with our facial recognition programs on our phones. I tell the gang we all have a fairy gov’t agent watching us all. I want to cancel Netflix but it still has series I want to watch. Mike calls his Netflix the Friends stream machine.. We don’t want a remake of Back to the Future. You should go to amusement parks in even numbers. Mike introduces us to the Hudson Yards downtown in the city. Who should be the next MCU main villain after Thanos? Toby Maguire’s Spider-man 2 is the best Spider-man movie. We also discuss the potential Sam Raimi Spider-man 4 that never was. Half the group is ready for final season of Game of Thrones. Kofi Kingston is going to WrestleMania! The woman are main-eventing WrestleMania this year for the first time.

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