S02E09 Cats and Rats

I am joined by Mike and Jason today as I debut the podcast’s new website! Jason shares some of his film school lessons. Mike is still waiting for the logins as the social media manager. We watch Bel-Air, a short fan-made teaser trailer of an updated and dramatic take on the classic show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. WWE’s Tough Enough show had no success stories. Jason enlightens us about Wafles & Dinges. Mike steals the white sauce container from the Halal Guys. You only need cats to keep away the rats. We look at Kobe’s $4,000,000 “I’m Sorry” ring. Followed by Mayweather’s $15,000,000 watch. We ponder on how do people invent things. Coca-Cola invented the modern Santa Claus.

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