Iron Banner Recap // Ultimate Trials Troll

We nerd out again this week about Iron Banner. What maps were in rotation, how were the blueberries, and was your loot abundant? Clever Dragons fell like manna from heaven. Was that a good thing and should all primaries be buffed to feel as powerful as that renowned Iron Banner pulse? We discuss. Bungie pulled the ultimate troll this week by placing guardians who played Trials of Osiris into First Light. Sparrow kills were in everywhere and shotgun usage was way down! Will Trials go back to normal this weekend? We also spend a lot of time watching some amazing and hilarious videos from the Destiny community. Sparrow kills, don’t go inside a Titan’s bubble, you can get from Frontier to Twilight Gap, and you can kill a guardian with an unexploded grenade!We’ll be back in two weeks! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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