Hard Mode is Here! // FotL Hype! // Light Level 400

A new patch from Bungie disrupted our normally scheduled Tuesday episode, so we’re back on Wednesday with all the details! That new patch included many quality of life improvements including a new holiday kiosk, changes to Archon’s Forge, and raised the light level to 400! We give you the full patch highlights and help you understand the most efficient way to grind to 400! Festival of the Lost 2016 is less than a week away and we give a preview of all the new Halloween masks, Sparrows, Ghost shells, emblems, shaders and more that are coming! Plus, is there a secret hidden is Eris’s raisins? Hard Mode raid released yesterday afternoon and we break down all of the changes between it and normal mode, including the grind for SIVA Key Fragments and those two confusing chests! We also break down all the hard mode loot you can get!

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