Episode 0059: February 8th, 2018

Our Super Bowl recap. This is a Tide ad. Star Wars gets the Game of Thrones treatment. Colby tries to explain the Maze Runner to Seth. Then trailers, trailers and more trailers. Deadpool looks good. Solo looks great to Colby. Mission Impossible looks great to Seth. Venom looks better than expected. Ghost Rider still sucks. Does The Rock ever say no? Skyscraper aims to prove that “no, he doesn’t.” Jurassic World 2 looks horrid. Old friend of the show, Colton, looks like a 14 year old girl on a new Netflix show. Seth accidentally doxxes Colby. How was the new Cloverfield? Check out all the new emojis! Elon Musk shot his car into space and it’s amazing. OUT LONGEST SHOW EVER!

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