Episode 0057: February 1st, 2018

Seth forgot how time works. Who leaves the house more? Colby is Facebook official. Are comedians funnier in movies than in stand-up? Does Colby want Game of Thrones spoilers? Yes, he does. Cloverfield 4 is already being made. The poster for the next Purge movie is hilarious. We deal with a bad troll. A Mario movie is officially happening. Tom Hanks is playing Mr. Rogers. Can movies only be shot on iPhones? And what does that mean? A Passion of The Christ 2: A Racist Mel Gibson Story. Macho Man Randy Savage has a rap album. Seth and Colby devise ways to promote their t-shirts. Colby doesn’t feel creative anymore. Nicolas Cage can now be in every movie. Kansas no longer watches the most porn in the US. We take a trip down memory lane.

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