Friends get together for their take on a Bronx, NY life. Here’s your invitation to the Private Party.

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Jesse, the host of the Private Party. Jack of All Trades, Master of None. From the Bronx, NY born and raised. I started this podcast, like many of my past hobbies, simply on a whim. I wanted to have a good time with my friends and have some memories to look back upon with this podcast. Part time streamer as MeNice421, former musician(in the school band), accountant, painter, ex-magician, I’ve tried a lot of things once. When I’m not recording you can find me playing any number of video games, watching WWE since I am a life long fan, or looking for my next hobby.


I’m Mike and I’m our average dude born and raised in the Bronx. A family man with two little girls, Briyanna and Selina. Just living my day to day life, telling my story through the podcast. Love to watch Soccer, especially my home team from Ecuador, Club Sport Emelec. I’m a Friends fanatic, I must have binged watched all 10 seasons 10 times over. I’m also a comic book enthusiast. I collect them faithfully every Wednesday, trying to expand my comic book knowledge and bring that to table when we go live. I’ve been told I’m funny so maybe you could tune in with us and share a laugh or two.


My name is Jason Delgado a.k.a. DankyManJay. I’m a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan as well as NY Yankees. I graduated Hunter College with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts and specialize in Film and Video as well as photography. 420 Enthusiast of course. Ambitious when called upon. I hate the MTA. I’m a huge movie buff. Huge fan of the WWE. I live my life based around one of my favorite movie quotes from, A Bronx Tale, “Nobody Cares”. Just do right by you and only you and make sure you’re good because in the end, nobody cares….nobody cares.